Who we are

Hasan’s Rugs was established by Hasan Turkeri in 2008. Nile Candan joined Hasan’s Rugs in January 2015. Finally the friendship that started in 1989 when they were both working and learning the rug trade in Candan’s father’s rug company, “Candan Carpet Corp” in Grand Bazaar Istanbul, has turned into a partnership that will last.

“It is time for our business to grow and for us to further help the people around us. We have a long-lasting history with everyone that we work with and would love for our company to grow to reflect the hard work, dedication and determination each member of our team brings to the table. Our goal is to establish more stores in locations including but not limited to Houston, TX, San Diego,CA and Miami, FL by 2025. We are ready to put our 25 years of experience in the rug trade and more importantly 25 years of lasting friendship to work as we grow to become one of the premier sources of highest quality hand made rugs in the United States of America.”

What we can do for you

At Hasan Rugs, our customers are guaranteed to receive extraordinary service. With over 5000 rugs that range from traditional to contemporary, modern to antique in our inventory, you can be sure that you will find the highest quality hand-made rug of your dreams. We will personally bring approximately 300 rugs to your house during each visit. We will carefully move around your furniture until we find the perfect rug and the perfect spot for your rug. This way you will get to see your new rug in your home with your furniture instead of playing guessing games at a retail store or computer screen. This outstanding service is only one phone call away.

-Do all the rugs you look at start looking the same after a while and you can no longer tell apart the high quality ones from the cheaper replicas?
-Are you tired of carrying heavy rugs from the store to your house, only to have to carry them back if you don’t like the way they look in your home?
-Have you found yourself going from store to store to locate a rug you liked on the internet and not finding it?
-Are you one of thousands who have purchased rugs online that look nothing like the marketed picture and get stuck with them?
-Are you looking for someone you can trust with all your rug needs?
-Has it been a hassle trying to keep your rugs clean and you are looking for reliable professional cleaning?
-How about your rugs that need repairing but you don’t know where to get them repaired?
-Do you want to shop for the perfect rug without the pressure of pushy salespeople who work with commission?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are ready to relax and enjoy rug shopping the way you that you should.
It is time for you to meet Hasan and Nile of “Hasan Rugs”!

Hasan is here!!
It is time you let Hasan Rugs solve all your rug related problems.

I am ready, along with my team, to find the perfect rug for your home based on the information with which you provide us.

We guarantee to find the rug of the right design, color and size amongst our extensive inventory. We will bring a truck full of rugs to your home, move your furniture around carefully and lay down your beautiful rug on best quality padding. There will never be any pressure placed on you to buy a rug. We provide you with this outstanding service in the comfort of your home with no obligation to purchase a rug. While we are showing you our beautiful new rugs, my repairman can take care of your minor repairs on site. We will also pick up, wash and deliver back any of your rugs that you want professionally cleaned. All you have to do in return is recommend us to your family and friends that deserve the same service you do.

Meet our team


25 Years of Experience
Sales / Buying / Managing / Designer
Rug expert and appraiser


25 Years of Experience
Sales / Buying / Managing
Rug expert and appraiser


4th Generation Rug Repairer and Expert
18 Years of Experience


Marketing Director
3 Years of Experience
MBA in Marketing


Store Manager
6 Years of Experience on Management
MBA in Finance Management


Sales Executive and NJ Office Operations
15 Years of Experience
Certificate Programme in Business and Human Resources


Graphic Designer, Photographer, Art Director
20 Years of Experience
MFA in Visual Arts and Interior Design


Rug Appraiser / Sales
10 Years of Experience

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